Video Transfers

Digital Video Productions is a company that provides a variety of editing and multimedia services throughout the Oklahoma City Area. For more information please call or schedule an appointment with Digital Video Productions.

Preserve Your Family History. 

Your Family Memories Video will be enjoyed in your family’s living room for generations!

Don’t let the effects of time degrade your home movies any further.

We transfer home movie film, VHS tapes, 8mm tapes, Home Movies, DVD, DVDS Tapes, super 8 film, video editing, digital transfer, cassette, audio video tape Video Conversions and Transfers and much more.

Tape to DVD.

DVD is the best way to digitally store and preserve your family memories for generations, giving superior quality and extended life compared to conventional video tape.

Basic DVD Transfer

  • Direct copy from one video tape up to 2 hours duration.
  • Chapter marks approximately every 5 minutes.
  • No menus or titles added.
Premium DVD Transfer

  • Interactive Menus and Titles.
  • DVD from any video tape format up to 2 hours duration.

Slides/Photos to DVD.

Using our unique method your slides or photos are carefully transferred onto DVD. Each image will smoothly dissolve into the next image at 8-10 second intervals. Up to 800 slides or photos can be transferred onto one DVD or video tape. Music can be added at no charge.

DVD Duplication

Need extra Copies of your DVD...? We can duplicate your existing DVD's for you.

Photos from Video

We can extract a photograph from a video.